At the chippy

Selling our pies in Britain’s fish and chip shops has been our bread and butter for more than 50 years.

The sizzle of the fryers, the waft of vinegar as it’s splashed over your chips, the crackle of the paper as everything’s neatly wrapped up in one, two, three layers, ready for you to unwrap and tuck in.

We reckon there’s nothing so comforting, or British, as a great, big plate of pie and chips, and Pukka Pies have been nestled cosily at the centre since the 1960s. In the earliest days of Pukka our founder, Trevor Storer, sold some of his very first pies to local Leicestershire fish and chip shops, and as word spread like wildfire they became a staple of chippy teas in the Midlands, the North, and eventually nationwide. Today our bright foil cases peek out of parcels picked up from thousands of chippies all over the UK, bringing good honest food to a nation of hungry folk every single day.

There's nothing better than a Pukka chipshop pie. I take the top off the pie to dip my chips into the oozing gravy. Delicious!
Chipshop customer

Our chip shop range

Our chip shop pies are made with soft, doughy pastry and hearty fillings, and everyone knows there’s only one way to serve them – plonked upside down on a big pile of chips, ready for you to lift off the bright foil casing and dig in.

We all know that if it ain’t Pukka, it ain’t pie!


…vegetarian tikka pie… wife got by mistake thinking they were chicken… but tbh they were fantastic, defo get em again…


I had my first @PukkaPies tonight and it was indeed pukka #yummy


…just had my first ever Veggie Tikka Masala and it was amazing, so amazing I felt the need to tweet that it was a 9.5 out of a possible 10.


@PukkaPies can confirm, your veggie tikka masala pie is THE BEST (shop bought) veggie pie I have ever eaten.


must say the chicken and gravy pie I just had was top notch. And I know my pies


…Pukka Pie and Chips from my local fish and chip shop…Chicken and Mushroom pie is the best. There really is no other taste


I tried today your veggie tikka pie. Good job was absolutely delicious, hope my local @coopukfood keeps supplying them…