Baking since 1963

Here at Pukka we are happy to say the team are continuing to make, bake and deliver pies to the nation.

Our people are our strength, and our team continue to work closely with local chip shops, supermarkets and all of our customers to make sure the nation’s #1 pie continues to make it to your plate.

We’ve been making pies for over 55 years and will continue to do this by doing the right thing for our people.

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The Peoples Pie

Fish and chip shops have been our bread and butter for over 50 years.

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Discover the recipe, explore our flavours, and find out where to get your next Pukka Pie fix.

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Whether it’s you and a few friends or 50,000 roaring fans, fuel the fun with Pukka

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In 1963, we baked our very first pies. Word spread fast and over a thousand pies sold in the first week.

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Giving Back

From sponsorships to fundraisers, we do what we can to give a little back to our Leicestershire home.

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Get all the latest news on everything Pukka. Find out what’s going on under the pastry.

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