Isn't life complicated?

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Pukka. 190c. 25 minutes. done.

Fancy something fancy?

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Introducing new Posher Pukka

Don't eat meat?

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Introducing new Veggie Tikka Masala

Kids cut each other's hair?

Don't worry

Pukka tastes great with a mullet.

Finished your box set?

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We've gota testy set of boxes worth opening.

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~There’s nothing like Pukka~

Light, crispy pastry, hearty fillings, and that signature, brightly coloured foil – there’s nothing quite like a Pukka Pie. Whether you’re carrying it home in a paper parcel with lovely, vinegary chips, tucking in at the side of the pitch, or serving it up with creamy mashed potato, it’s the ultimate good mood food – whatever little ups and downs your day brings.

The cure for rainy days, silly fights, moody teenagers and gloomy nights. Grab that fork, pull your plate closer, and let each mouthful of your favourite pie warm you up from the inside out. Watch our latest ad to see the Pukka magic at work.

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~ News ~

Whether you’re looking to see how we’re doing or searching for info on our newest products, get all the latest news on Pukka.

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~Giving back~

to our home

From sponsorships to fundraisers, we do what we can to give a little back to our Leicestershire home.

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We’ve been making pies for over 50 years

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Proud to be official pie partner at West Brom Albion


A big thank you to @PukkaPies for so kindly donating 2 new pie heaters