What makes Pukka, Pukka

Everything we do and bake will be to the benefit of our people and their welfare/wellbeing. As individuals we behave in an open, honest, respectful and accountable manner ensuring that together we have a team that supports each other and thrives.


We will invest in and run our bakery in a way that is sustainable for our long term growth, creating a safe environment for our people to enable them to consistently make and bake the best quality pies with the utmost care, pride and passion for what we do at ‘The People’s Bakery’


What the nation thinks of Pukka to make it their #1 brand is as a result of all we do. We demonstrate our passion & pride through our pies and pastry in a way that only Pukka can. Distinctive on taste and consistent on high quality. Who we are and how we act externally to our customers and consumers is what makes us The People’s Pie – the nations favourite.

Pukka Bakery Ariel

We will always conduct our business in a way that is as good as it gets for our environment. If we can’t find solutions today, we’ll keep looking, keep setting ourselves targets to do better. We will also look for ways we can help and support our local community

Check out our environmental SBTi commitments (science-based targets)