Pukka Pies Limited Pension Scheme

Statement of Investment Principles (“SIP”)

This Implementation Statement covers the period 6 April 2022 to 5 April 2023 and has been prepared by the Trustees of the Pukka Pies Limited Pension Scheme (the “Scheme”) to set out:

  • How the Trustee’s policies on stewardship and engagement have been followed.
  • The voting behaviour of the Trustees, or that undertaken on their behalf.

Statement of Investment Principles (“SIP”)

The Trustees’ policies on stewardship and engagement are included in the Scheme’s SIP, which is available on this link.

Funds held by the Scheme

The Trustees’ investments are held in the following funds;


Legal & General Investment Management (“LGIM”)


Global Equity (70:30) Index Fund
2068 Index-Linked Gilt Fund
Dynamic Diversified Fund
Over 15 year 5A Corporate Bond Fund
Over 5 Year Index Linked Gilt Fund

The Trustees also hold with-profit deferred and in-payment annuity policies with AVIVA Life Services Limited (“Aviva”). Aviva is responsible for the underlying investments of those policies which provide the Scheme with a stream of cashflows once the members retire.

Reviews of fund managers

The Trustees did not formally review the provision of fund management services during the period.