At the Game

Since the 1980s, sport and Pukka Pies have gone hand in hand.

The knot of excitement in your stomach, the warmth of your scarf against the nipping cold, the triumphant roar when your team clinches that longed-for victory in the last, nail-biting minutes.

There’s nothing like watching the game at your home ground while clutching a lovely, hot Pukka. Since Pukka was first served at Millmoor, Rotherham United’s old ground, in the early 1980s, we’ve settled into more than 40 sportsgrounds and stadiums across the UK. Whether you’re cheering on your football team, watching the rugby or following anything from basketball to speedway, we’ll be there to see you through.

At Rotherham United, Pukka’s been so popular with fans that we extended our partnership deal – and now they’re our exclusive pie provider. The success of the Pukka Pies product, and the support you get from everyone involved, speaks for itself. I’m thrilled that we work together.
Steve Coakley, Rotherham United Football Club

Our pitch-side range

Whether you’re at a football ground or a rugby stadium, our lip-smackingly satisfying pitch-side pies are perfect for eating steaming hot, straight from the foil. There’s no better way to keep warm at halftime.

must say the chicken and gravy pie I just had was top notch. And I know my pies


@PukkaPies can confirm, your veggie tikka masala pie is THE BEST (shop bought) veggie pie I have ever eaten.


…Pukka Pie and Chips from my local fish and chip shop…Chicken and Mushroom pie is the best. There really is no other taste


…just had my first ever Veggie Tikka Masala and it was amazing, so amazing I felt the need to tweet that it was a 9.5 out of a possible 10.


I had my first @PukkaPies tonight and it was indeed pukka #yummy


…vegetarian tikka pie… wife got by mistake thinking they were chicken… but tbh they were fantastic, defo get em again…


We all know that if it ain’t Pukka, it ain’t pie!


I tried today your veggie tikka pie. Good job was absolutely delicious, hope my local @coopukfood keeps supplying them…