~Our story~

From then ‘til now


Way back in 1960s Leicestershire, husband and wife team Trevor and Valerie Storer started making pies.

In 1963, Trevor Storer’s Handmade Pie Company baked their very first pies. Understandably word of a good pie spreads fast, and the entrepreneurial pair sold over a thousand pies in the first week.

Selling their signature Steak & Kidney pie to pubs, fish and chip shops, and locals, the Storers’ pie popularity picked up quickly, and they soon dreamt up new recipes to keep their happy customers coming back for more.

As the couple’s little bakery continued to grow, it came time for a new name – something that would reflect their deliciously hearty pies and their friendly, close-knit company. That’s how the Storers’ Handmade Pie Company became Pukka, a fun and fashionable Hindi-derived word for all things genuinely, properly good.


Pukka’s still an Independent family company today. We’re just a little bigger, that’s all!

With more than 50 years spent making pies, we’ve become quite the experts.

These days our 350-strong team sells around 60 million pies a year in the UK and even abroad.

But while we may have grown, we’re still based in Leicestershire just a stone’s throw from where it all began, baking all of our pies on site using many of Trevor and Valerie’s original recipes. We’re proud to make pies that are distinctively Pukka, and with our tasty, honest, feel-good food, we put smiles on faces at dinner tables, football games and local chippies.

~ What makes us Pukka? ~

There’s more to being the nation’s favourite than light-as-a-feather pastry and flavoursome fillings.

Values Nº.1 ~ Pukka ~


There wouldn’t be a Pukka without all our brilliant people.

We want to be a great company to work for and with, so we’re always open, honest, fair, and dependable.

Values Nº.2 ~ Pukka ~


We’re distinctively Pukka – and proud of it.

As an independent family company we’re free to try out ideas, make our own decisions, and be a bit different. After all, who wants to be like everybody else?

Values Nº.3 ~ Pukka ~


At Pukka, we don’t make pies.

We make the nation’s favourite pies, and every single one we make should be as tasty, filling, and heart-warming as you – our customers – expect. So, if you’re not completely chuffed with what’s on your plate well, neither are we.

Values Nº.4 ~ Pukka ~


After 50 years we’re doing pretty well, but we’re far from done.

As an ambitious and confident team we’re always looking to do new things, reach more people, and make Pukka bigger and better than ever.

Our community

Leicestershire’s been a huge part of what’s made us Pukka since 1963, and we like giving back to our home.

From sponsoring sports teams to supporting local charities, schools and organisations, we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in wherever we can.

Leicestershire Cares

Pukka are proud to be members of Leicestershire Cares, helping to bring businesses and communities together.