• Pukka Logo

    Pukka logo in CMYK, RGB & Spot colours. Included in AI and PNG formats.

  • Butchers and Bakers Pie Pricelist

    Butchers & bakeries can order pies, sausage rolls and pastry from us too

Product / Photography

  • Photos: Pukka Lifestyle Pub Images

    Zip folder contains: 13 pub lifestyle images, 6 product variants

  • Photos: Pukka Lifestyle Pie Heater Images

    Zip folder contains: JPEGs of 7 lifestyle images with Pukka Pie Heater

  • Photos: Pukka Wrapped Products

    Zip file contains: JPEGs of all 14 Pukka Wrapped pie and pasty variants.

  • Photos: Pukka Lifestyle Open Pie Images

    Zip folder contains: 16 JPEGs of 8 Pukka Pie variants.

  • Photos: Pukka Pasties, Sausage Rolls & Sausage

    Zip file contains: TIFFs of all 5 variants.

  • Photos: Pukka Closed Pie in Foil with line marking

    Zip file contains: JPEGs of all 11 Pukka Pie variants.

  • Photos: Pukka Closed Pies & Puddings in foil

    Zip file contains: JPEGs of all 13 Pukka Pie variants plus our shortcrust microwave pie & steak & kidney pudding.


You need to get our approval!

Whenever you’re using our assets for promotional purposes, you have to get approval from Pukka. The process is simple – just send the final design or visual via email, and wait for us to give you the okay.

Send all visuals to [email protected]